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Are Your Knees Aging Faster Than You Are?

Is this how you respond when your knees talk to you?

Aging is only our perception of the options we have relinquished. We can begin to reclaim choices and expand if we change our point of view, become aware, begin to move in new and useful ways.


Were your knees the first place you noticed that sense of aging?


When they were no longer cooperating with you dependably, smoothly, and without pain, was it a gradual process as one-by-one you began to accommodate their irresponsible behavior? Changing your posture with more weight on the stronger side, not bending your knee and using your whole leg and hip instead, using all of your body to step up a curb or high step? These all lead to future problems in other locations.

In Organic Stretching classes and workshops over the past nine years, the second most frequent report of pain and limitation has been in the knees. The perceived pain levels were more intense for the knee issues than for the lower back, which was the #1 complaint area. Perhaps it is more difficult to escape from knee pain.


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How Boomers Maintain Painful Knees


We explore a different side of pain and stiffness…one where you can begin to see your own role in the development of your limitations and through that the possibility for turning the results around, reversing the trend toward limitation and expanding your choices.


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