The 8th Stretch…Organic StretchingSM

There are seven well-known forms of stretching.  Organic StretchingSM introduces a totally new approach…the 8th form.  The focus is on the connective tissue system rather than muscles…restoring elasticity, fluidity, and overall health to joints.

Organic Stretching with a partner

Organic Stretching with a partner



The approach has little in common with any of the existing forms.  In a typical session, at moments one may employ a supported static stretch, a passive move with a partner, or a gentle moving isometric with your own body, but OS encompasses much more than these techniques.   It is an extemporaneous interaction with the body, done slowly with intention and focus.  Each session is unique.  The work is guided by a set of principles rather than a prescribed set of moves common to all participants.  Each body moves on its own path.

The principles that direct Organic StretchingSM were developed by Heather Wallace over 20 years ago in the creation of her totally unique therapy known as the Wallace Method.  I studied with Heather and was certified by her, but, rather than working on my clients in a traditional therapy (on the table), I chose to teach them a stretching approach they could use on their own to regain lost range of motion and correct painful alignments.

This knowledge becomes very empowering as students find their own path of relief from painful joint problems such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, and many more.

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