What is the experience for students of Organic StretchingSM?  Following are letters from two students who attend classes regularly at the Pat Henry Studio in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico.

Great shoulder release/by Josef Kandoll

From Andrea–


I lived for years in an aching body but always searching for a way to heal and enjoy my full potential once more. I investigated many different kinds of body work, in order to ease the pain and train and maintain my body without doing more damage to it.  When I read “Organic StretchingSM for pain management through increased range of motion,” I knew I had to try it.  After only two months of twice-a-week classes, the results are miraculous.  Now I am able to sit on the floor with my legs folded under me again.  My body feels energized and comfortable like it felt 30 years ago.  It is impossible for me to describe any of this technique. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen or experienced before.  I have been recommending it to friends, especially those who are incapacitated.  In this system, you learn to help yourself!  I feel blessed to have this option available right here in La Cruz. –Andrea (Nov 2009)

And from Sylvia–

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to be able to practice Organic StretchingSM with Pat’s classes.  I feel that my body’s ability to move has improved under her tutelage.


The changes in my body began with the second class.  I had experienced a pain in my left upper arm for at least 20 years.  I called it bursitis without ever mentioning it to a doctor.  I just tried to hold my arm so that it did not hurt, especially in bed.  Pat noticed a grimace on my face, when I was moving my arm, came over and worked with my arm for a couple of minutes.  The pain was gone.


My jobs, and also my volunteer work, have included much typing and work with a computer mouse.  Because of the repetitive motion, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Since coming to class twice a week and working with varied movement of my shoulder, the pain and discomfort has completely gone away.  It feels like a miracle.


My entire body is much more limber than when I first began taking the classes.  These past eight months have made a large difference.  Thanks! –Sylvia S (July 2010)

My greatest joy in teaching this incredible work is hearing a comment in the middle of class like…”by the way, did I mention that my sciatica is gone?!”  Or, “I haven’t had that much mobility in my neck in years!  I can’t believe it.”  Those are the moments I live for…giving people the tools to heal their own bodies.

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