Organic Stretching™: Principles and Movements…The Video

Stretching exercises have to be seen to be understood…not read in a book! That has been my response to all who have asked me to write a book about Organic Stretching™.  The only way to share this program with those who aren’t near my studio in Mexico would be in a video.  I dreamed of this video for several years, and now…here it is!  Enjoy this brief clip from the filming session we did with HBOSS Entertainment in June at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens.  The 45-minute full video will be available very soon by download as well as in DVD form.  Watch here for announcements…best if you subscribe for an email update.

Organic Stretching™: Principles and Movements leads you through demonstrations of each principle and each movement that underlies the program with commentary on how to approach the work.  In three improvised sessions, I invite you to follow me as I follow the guiding voice of my body and describe for you the movements that I am making.

A short clip from the video….

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