The Organic StretchingTM Video Now Available Online

The long-awaited (for me if not for you!) moment has arrived…my video Organic StretchingTM: The Principles and Movements can now be ordered as a DVD or for download to buy or even to rent.  See the Store for a short clip, content, video information, and details for ordering.

The health benefits of stimulation and movement deep in the connective tissue system, that I and my students have found possible through Organic StretchingTM, can include increased range of motion, reduction of pain, and fluidity of movement.


Searching for new limits

In this video, I present the principles that tell us how to move and the basic movements used in OS through easy-to-follow demonstrations.  Using these, you are encouraged to explore on your own, allowing your body’s internal knowledge to guide you for the maximum benefit.  It will be different from anything you have done before.

Enjoy the adventure!

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