Flexibility through Organic Stretching™ Workshop

Enjoy this inside view from an Organic Stretching™ Weekend Workshop held at Main Street Yoga in Bloomington, IL, in July 2012. Participants were enthusiastic in their response to the Organic Stretching™ system, the ten-hour workshop and Pat Henry’s instruction.

The next workshop is scheduled in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, from January 25 – 27. Future workshops are listed on the Calendar page. If you would like to plan one in your area, contact Pat.

Comments sent by participants in Illinois:

  • Thank you for the amazing OS workshop you led in Bloomington, IL. I went away impressed by the method you teach, and impressed by your effectiveness as a teacher. I would like you to know that after the weekend of OS I could feel my legs carrying my body more squarely. My posture definitely feels more balanced, relaxed—my lower back is grateful! And (as if painless posture isn’t enough) the method you teach has taught me how to slow down and focus. I’m certain OS practice is the closest I’ve ever come to actually meditating—my mind is grateful too! I love everything about OS and will continue to sing its praise! Thank you again.
  • I can do it!
  • It works! Additionally, it’s original—not the sort of stuff you hear everyday; it’s creative; there’re no poses you have to remember; and you feel great afterwards!
  • …keeping it “real” so that it was adaptable to all that attended with many different levels of capabilities.
  • You have wonderful personal energy; the pacing of activity and information sharing was excellent. I loved the idea of presenting principles rather than strict following of poses. The content was simple and, at the same time, offered excellent guidelines for deeper practice.  Sometimes we just need permission to reconnect with the universe of our own bodies, and Pat, you did a great job of helping us do that. Thank you! 


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