A FREE Sample Class for You

If you have missed our regular studio classes over the summer, or if you have never experienced Organic Stretching®…try these intuitive bodymind movements from the cutting edge of flexibility training. Discover for yourself the Organic Stretching sensations of vibrant energy as you follow the unique moves to reconnect you to your body, opening a path to more flexibility, fluid pain-free movement, better balance, and more energy. It works with you where you are today. Free class taught by Pat Henry, founder of Organic Stretching. If this is your first time, you might want to watch once and then go back to do the moves with Pat.

0:00 What is Organic Stretching?
0:47 Precautions
1:27 Technique Demonstrations
4:41 Join Demonstration–seated
11:47 Discussion movement and flexibility
13:44 Join Demonstration–seated rotation
23:02 Discussion stool, rotational work, and spine
24:44 Join Demonstration–floor work
34:07 Closing comments

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