Pat Henry (54) copy-2Pat Henry
Founder of Organic Stretching®: bodymind movements



Pat Henry’s clients arrive with dreams of restoring flexibility, fluid movement, balance, energy, and pain-free confidence in their bodies. They want to enjoy their retirement years with endless bucket-list travel, former hobbies, sports they used to pursue, and even playing on the floor with their grandchildren. Through her program Organic Stretching, Pat guides them on an inner journey of awareness and trust as their own bodies discover and reveal their natural healing capacity.


Founder and developer of Organic Stretching, Pat discovered her mission in life alone on her 31-foot sailboat in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, between Thailand and India. Ever since, her personal story and her message “if you can dream it you can do it” have been inspiring others to reach for their dreams.

In 2007, she trained and gained certification in the Wallace Method, an on-the-table pain management therapy. Working “on” her clients, she saw a more lasting gift she could provide by teaching them how to heal themselves through movement.

The 7 Step program Pat created with Organic Stretching® is a combination of static, dynamic, moving isometric, and isometric, unpatterned, bodymind movements that are intuitively orchestrated by her clients’ own bodies. She inspires them to connect with their bodies at a deep level, find the edges of resistance, and gradually move beyond their current limitations. Their results are stunning:

            –My thirty-years of back pain that the chiropractor had given up on is gone

            –Seven years of carpal tunnel disease is no longer a problem

            –I am waking up without arm pain (from GVHD of the fascia from stem cell transplant)

All accomplished by Organic Stretching® clients themselves!

 At 75, Pat’s life is a model of following your dreams…having sailed alone around the world on a small boat, authoring a book (By the Grace of the Sea: A Woman’s Solo Odyssey Around the World McGraw-Hill/2002), launching her women’s sailing school, and developing Organic Stretching®, the revolutionary movement program that has brought relief to countless individuals as they allowed their own bodies to guide them to wholeness.


Disclaimer: Results reported by clients of Organic Stretching cannot be guaranteed for other individuals. They are only the experience of that person. Choosing to follow this program is the sole responsibility of the student.