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I am Pat Henry, Founder of Organic Stretching® and Chief Inspirer. My job is to inspire you to move in new, alternative ways, right from the comfort of your own home…


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In 2006, I had a vision that someday I would help bring to the world an alternative approach to movement and stretching. One that would allow people to connect with their bodies in such a way that they could create changes on the inside of their own bodies…changes that could

  • restore flexibility,
  • reduce pain,
  • improve balance and provide
  • a practice to keep them fit and moving for the rest of their lives, like they did when they were younger.

This dream was ignited from the work done on me and taught to me by Heather Wallace. She was passionate about the revolutionary pain management therapy she had developed, but her work was one person at a time, on her magical table. My desire was to create a program for people to make their own moves and from that came Organic Stretching.

I have been teaching group and private classes in my studio and at workshops since 2007. Today, with new technology, I can at last deliver around the globe! I can bring you a personal class, one-on-one, wherever you are in the world as long as you speak English, and have a good internet connection with a built-in webcam and microphone, a small stool (17-18″/43-46cm high), Google Chrome for your browser,  and a Google+ account, so we can meet there for our sessions.

Can you imagine a more priceless gift to give yourself?

How many things have you gradually stopped doing because it hurt or the body simply couldn’t move in that way? Sometimes we don’t even know how much we have lost.

The first time I saw Heather, I would have said that I was in very good shape. I ran my own women’s sailing school, hiked and danced Argentine tango. But when she started to work on me, and my body began to change, I discovered how much I had lost. In my neck, in my left shoulder, and in my right knee (since I was ten years old!).

I had accommodated the limitations and forgotten what it felt like to not have them, until they were gone and I could really move again. Instead of coming down the stairs at the movie theater from the upper row one-step-at-a-time, slowly, I found myself at the bottom with the 14-year-old-kids, watching my friends slowly descending!

Would you like to join me at the bottom of the stairs

with the 14-year-olds? Sign up today!

Caroline’s Story…

I’m a talented Green Witch from the heart of Derbyshire, England. Until December, 2011, I was also working as a dog handler, and for fun, I was a Thai Boxer and enjoyed cage fighting.

Both my work and leisure time were extremely dangerous, but none of these activities ended my life as it was. I was severely injured in a car crash with a drunken driver who was speeding on country lanes in icy conditions. The police told my friends and family to hurry, “You need to say goodbye now, morning will be too late.”

I had a broken neck, ribs (all of them, front and back), sternum, collarbone, hip, and leg, and a dislocated shoulder. Half of my left hand was ripped off. The surgery to save my life lasted 14 hours, and many more surgeries have followed, with others still scheduled for the future.

Recently, I discovered Pat Henry’s Organic Stretching. I’m in the UK and Pat’s in Mexico, but we were able to connect online for our first class. My hopes were high, but I had no way of knowing that they could have been even higher, because, WOW!

Pat showed me how to move, and she made sure all along that I wasn’t causing myself pain, or rushing. At the end of the hour, for the first time since the accident, I could reach over my right shoulder with my left hand, and I can now touch my face and hair with my left hand.

It wasn’t an exciting one time experience. I can do it whenever I want to. It’s simply incredible! I’m so happy to have met her. She’s changed my life.

Working online is amazing. We can see each other easily while I demonstrate and my client follows the demonstration. Then she or he works independently, while I comment and coach.

I have eight appointments available per week, four each Tuesday and Wednesday between 10:30am and 4:00pm CST US. You schedule your own appointment online through my system, and we meet up on the internet. No emails back and forth, and no chasing each other down by phone. It is straightforward and simple and very personal.

I request for the first appointment that you allow 3 days for setting up and paperwork. I’ll provide detailed information to set it up. After that you can schedule as available.

Stu’s experience:

As I participated in my first entry-level on-line video instruction for Pat Henry’s Organic Stretching, I was pleasantly surprised that my tired old body could actually do everything Pat asked. I could feel what she was describing as I moved from muscle-to-muscle — some of which I’m sure had been dormant for years, except to occasionally complain.

Organic Stretching quickly begins to make perfect sense, as you start to experience it at the same time Pat is explaining it. Pat’s one-on-one streaming video approach is so much better than trying to work from a book, or even a DVD, and she answers your questions as soon as you ask.

I don’t know yet if Organic Stretching will add any years to a life, but it should make the years ahead feel a lot better.

Merry’s comments:

I was very impressed with the class and with Pat. It was such fun to finally meet her and learn about Organic Stretching. I was very impressed with the system and with Pat’s ability to relay the moves and intent of the program through this online technology. I know it will be a technique I can use to keep myself flexible and fit for life, and will most likely allow me to continue other activities that my body sometimes gets painful doing, like hiking. I am excited to get started.

Isn’t it time for you to get started, too?