“Organic StretchingTM” Review by Deane Juhan

Organic StretchingPat Henry’s DVD, Organic Stretching, is much more than just another how-to offering of poses and procedures.  It is a dynamically exploratory invitation to sculpt your own yoga and to develop the strength and flexibility that are unique to you.  Well thought-out and innovative examples of stretching movements are, of course, presented (with aesthetic beauty, I would add), rich ideas for getting started in the evolving of your own personal practice.  But more importantly than that, Pat’s purpose is to lead you beyond the imitation of asanas and protocols, into an organic unfolding of your own body’s needs and capacities and your own individualized path to vitality.  Very like Trungpa’s groundbreaking Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism in spirit and intention, Organic Stretching cuts through imitative discipline and opens the door to the celebration of your own idiosyncratic being and its expression–like no other’s–in your own joy of movement and self-development.

Deane Juhan— Author…Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork and Touched by the Goddess: The Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Powers of Bodywork

TraegerWork® Practitioner/Instructor (CEU certified)


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